Course Certificate (Engineer License, professional licensure for engineers)

  • Get the Request form at the Registrar’s Office. The form can also be downloaded.
  • Complete the form
  • Exit clearance verification is not required.
  • Submit your request form with payment for processing.
  • Other requirements:
Photo  (wearing gradution gown)
Fee  40 baht/ copy
Processing time 5 business days, calculated from the day the request is received
Period of request see remarks
Maximum number of issues requested 1 copy /each request

This applies to IE, IM students who have graduated.

  • A recent photo taken within the last 6 month must be attached. Identify your full name and department at the backside.
  • You should collect the document within 90 days. Otherwise you have to resubmit the filing.
  • To obtain official transcripts In-Person from the Registrar’s Office, you must present  a collection slip and student/ national ID card.

**Document collection by proxy**
If the document is going to be picked- up by proxy, you will need to fill out a   proxy authorization form (the form can be downloaded).
Proxy must submit the collection slip, a copy of the proxy’s photo ID and student photo ID, along with  the authorization letter.