Curriculum and Faculty Development

     The Unit is responsible for coordination with academic sections regarding an approval channels for the new curriculum request, curriculum review , in-depth review of the syllabus and process, as well as funding for faculty development.

The scope of operations incorporate:

     Curriculum Unit
          – examining certificate and undergraduate- level courses
          – arranging official meetings of Curriculum Review Committee
          – submitting  reports to the Academic Council and the University Council.
          – proposing courses for approval to Office of the Higher Education Commission
          – coordinating  and  reviewing  the release of  degree titles
          – provide  accurate information about programs and courses for the undergraduate level curriculum

     Funding for  Personal  Development
          – establishing scholarship criteria for applicants,  scholarship announcement and application process
          – evaluating  applications for funding for short/ long-term training, research, conference travel funds  and visiting scholars fund.
          – holding meetings of Grants Review Committee
         – submitting reports to University Council and Academic Council
         – making statistical reports and gathering information compiled for a grant report.

     Information Technology Unit
          – working on issues pertaining to curriculum databases
          – managing database of faculty members and their course areas
          – database collection of general subjects, undergraduate level
          – relevant Public Relations
          – investigating  curriculum satisfaction

     General Services Unit
          – document  and distribution Services.
          – other tasks as assigned