The committee of Education Services Division  consists of director and  staff members.  The Advisory teams are appointed as follows:

  1. Advisory Committee for KM and Personnel Development
    –  Develop planning guidelines for knowledge management, professional development and human resource management 

    – implement plans and organize activities to achieve of desired results
    – monitor and evaluate progress towards agreed objectives
    – create summary reports for the Director   
    – perform other related duties as required
  2. Risk Management and Internal Control Committee
    Policy formulation plan And guidelines for risk management and internal control. Including the implementation of quality assurance in accordance with the policy of the Office of the President.
    Promote, analyze and assess risks. Include risk management measures. And internal control.
    Implement the plan and evaluate the performance.
    Preparation of risk management report. Internal Control Report And support quality assessment data. To prepare for auditing and reviewing internal controls.
    Report the results to the Director of the Education Service.
    – Other duties as assigned by the Director of Education Services.