Office of The Registrar

          This is the central registration unit placed under the Education Services Division. The core  responsibilities cover  handling student information system,   coordinating, facilitating and promoting and coordinating  academic services.

      Student Records Unit
          – registration for new students
          – handling computerized database of student information
          – undertaking  examinations for new student and  graduate qualifications

     Registration and Processing Unit
          – student and course database administration
          – course registration
          – process and making reports
          – maintenance and development of  the software  system and data

     Registration and Evaluation Unit
          –  managing student information on  registration / grades
          – reporting results approved
          – examination process of graduation and  making graduation lists 

     Document Issuance Unit
          – issuing   various types of educational certification.
          – updating  educational information and records
          – document storage  with intelligent indexing

     Secretary and Services Unit
          – dealing with requests for relevant official documents
          – print and document  services
          – counter services
          – other tasks assigned