Recruitment and Admissions of New Students

Duties and Responsibilities
     The main responsibilities include undergraduate and pre-engineering admissions recruitment; application processing; direct admission and central admission using O-NET, GAT, PAT; the normal Quota System  and special admission for students especially capable in various fields (e.g. Sports,Culture,Innovation)

          – coordinate and take action take action in the recruitment of new students (pre-engineering and undergraduate levels) through direct and quota admission
          – work on admissions office budgets and  budget expenditures
          – qualifications examination of  new students
          – creating regulations and  announcements involving student recruitment practices
          – managing important information for public relations  in the student recruitment and enrollment process.
          – working on new student enrollment information online
          – information system application for student admissions

Examination Unit
          –  prepare recruitment examinations (direct admission)
          – exam administration  on test dates, times, place;  coordination with proctors
          – analyze exam items
          – create an operations manual for committee
          – work on printing and documentation for university entrance examination
          – provide application form for student admission to each College and Faculty

Administrative and Information Support
          –  creating documents
          –  receiving – sending official documentation
          –  photocopying, printing
          –  financial planning, budgeting and disbursements
          – summarizing operating incomes and expenses for the record
          – purchasing and  procurement
          – meeting arrangement
         – database and information services
         – information management
          – creating reports on risk management and  internal control
         –  Public relations
         – making report, surveying for satisfaction assessment, providing  an overview summary
         – coordinating with faculties on eligibility and disqualification for admission
         – education services (admission counseling and guidance)