Certification waiting for final- semester results

  • Get the application form at the Registrar’s Office. The form can also be downloaded.
  • Complete the form, specifying number of issues.
  • Submit your request form with payment for processing.
  • Other requirements:
Photo  (wearing student uniform)
Fee  40 baht/ copy
Processing time 2 business days, calculated from the day the request is received
Period of request from the last day of final examination unit official approval of grade results
Maximum number of issues requested no limits

This applies for students who have completed the last semester of the curriculum and waiting for  the final semester result.

       – You should collect the document within 90 days. Otherwise you have to resubmit the filing.
       – To obtain official transcripts In-Person from the Registrar’s Office, you must present  a collection slip and student/ national ID card.

**Document collection by proxy**
         If the document is going to be picked- up by proxy, you will need to fill out a   proxy authorization form (the form can be downloaded).
         Proxy must submit the collection slip, a copy of the proxy’s photo ID and   student photo ID, along with  the authorization letter.